You Skin Your Ultimate Defence

The wellbeing of your skin is directly proportional to your diet. A wrinkled and rugged skin could be as a result of smoking and a bad diet. Therefore, your diet requires fruits and vegetables to increase its moisture level other than cigars and cigarettes. Cigarettes are known as destroyers of elastin and collagen in the skin since they restrict smooth blood flow to the skin. You have to incorporate a smoothie into your diet. A smoothie is a thick, soft drink that comprises of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rubbed through a strainer or are processed in an electric blender with ice cream, yoghurt or milk.

Smoothies are known to be rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Kales have been found to be the most nutrient-dense food all over the world. Raspberry, apples, strawberry and plums are also highly ranked as antioxidants by dieticians. Smoothies enhance metabolism, while they burn the excess fats in the body, and also fight the free radicals that impede skin cells. They also go a long way in boosting the health of your skin from the damage of the ultraviolet light and improve your body’s immunity system.

Antioxidants are mainly found in vitamins C and E, they protect your skin from the sun’s damage. Smoothie ingredients like blackberry, cranberry, are very rich in vitamin C and E. Fish like salmon and mackerel are also a good source of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids ensure you have a good healthy cell membrane and hydrate your skin.

Finally, to ensure you have a smooth skin, it is important to engage in exercise. HIIT (High-intensity interval training) provides a maximal fat burning effect. This ensures you have a better athletic capability, and an all rounded skin and body wellbeing.