Can stem cells rejuvenate your skin?

Stem cells are becoming more popular for use in facial rejuvenation in a number of different ways. We’re going to look over some of the advancements we’ve made with regenerative stem cells in recent years, and how these treatments can help to rejuvenate your skin.

Facial creams

You may have noticed companies are now including various plant stem cells, along with specialised peptides and enzymes into their latest products. Applying these in a topical cream can help to stimulate as well as protect your human skin stem cells from damage. This can lead to an effective way of keeping skin looking younger for longer, and could even reverse some of the effects of aging, seeming to back up some of the claims you’ve most likely seen on the TV.

Laser treatment

Laser stem cell facial rejuvenation treatment involves using a laser to create thousands of tiny, microscopic holes in your skin, before simply painting on stem cells which has been suspended into platement-rich plasma made from your own blood. Your skin absorbs the cells effectively using this method, leading your skin to look younger and rejuvenated. The type of laser used will be either a Fraxel 1550 laser or perhaps a fractional CO2 laser, dependent on the individual and the desired result of the treatment in question.

Stem cell facelift

As we age, your skin can lose its firmness and appear to age due to loss of fat, collagen or even bone. Areas under the eyes, and around the cheeks and laughlines are the most common areas affected. Many people turn to fillers to achieve younger, plumper skin, but the only problem with these is that the effects can wear off quickly. Fat with the addition of stem cells, however, can last for years, as the stem cells actively work to maintain the fat where it is needed.


Stem cells can also be used to help support the healing process for burn victims or those suffering from scarring. This would involve the use of embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells, although the clinical application of the former is limited due to political and ethical issues. Adult stem cells, especially mesenchymal stem cells (also knows as MSCs) are increasing the way forward in this research to aid rapid regeneration in burns victims especially.


So, the answer is yes; stem cells CAN rejuvenate your skin.